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Prolonging the life of your flowers
Most floral arrangements will last for 4-7 days or longer depending on the flowers within the arrangement. The life of the flowers will also depend on the care given to them.

Below are a few general hints and tips on prolonging the life of your flowers.

  • Vases (preferably a deep one) should be cleaned thoroughly before use with an antibacterial solution.

  • Fill the vase with clean lukewarm water and flower food supplied with flowers. Instructions on any flower food packets should be followed when mixing with water and the water quantity should not be exceeded for the packet supplied.

  • 1-2 should be removed from the stems of the flowers with clippers or a sharp knife (so as not to crush the stems), at a 45° angle before replacing into a vase with prepared solution. Stems should be cut under warm water as this will facilitate faster water uptake and remove blockages caused by air.

  • Remove leaves below the waterline when flowers are in vases. Leaves left below the waterline may limit the intake of water by the flower.

  • Flowers last longer in cool places (65 - 72°F or 18 - 22°C). Try to avoid placing flowers in direct sunlight or in contact with heating appliances such as fans or radiators or in areas with a draught.

  • Stems should be re-cut under water every other day by ½" to ensure they are intaking the maximum water.

  • When replenishing water the container should be topped up and water not replaced entirely.

  • If the vase water becomes cloudy it should be replaced completely adding fresh flower food as supplied.
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