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Flower Meanings
Floriography is the 'language of flowers'. Dating back to the Victorian times floriography was used as a means of coded communication through various flowers and floral arrangements, allowing people to express feelings which otherwise could not be spoken.

Through the years people have used flowers to express their feelings to others in many ways and in modern times flowers still have various different meanings:

Abor VitaeUnchanging friendship
AcaciaFriendship, Beauty in retirement
Acacia (Rose or White)Elegance, friendship
Acacia (yellow)Secret love
AgapanthusSecret love
AlliumUnity, Humility, Patience
Almond blossomHope
AlstroemeriaDevotion, Wealth, Prosperity, Fortune
AlyssumWorth beyond beauty
AmaryllisPride, Timidity, Splendid beauty
AmbrosiaYour love is reciprocated
AnemoneForsaken, Expectations
Apple BlossomBetter things to come, Good fortune
ArbutusThee only do i love
AsparagusFern fascination
AsphodelMy regrets follow you to the grave
AsterSymbol of Love, Daintiness
Aster (China)Fidelity, Variety, I will think of thee
AzaleaTake care of yourself, Temperance, Fragile, Chinese symbol of womanhood
Baby's BreathInnocence, Pure of heart
Bachelor ButtonSingle blessedness, Hope
Balloon FlowerEndless love, honesty
BalsamArdent Love
BarberryBad temper
BegoniaA fanciful nature
Bells of IrelandGood luck
Bird of ParadiseSymbol of faithfulness
Black Bryont/Lady's SealBe my support
BluebellHumility, Constancy
BroomHumility, Neatness
Buck BeanCalm repose
BurdockTouch me not
CaladiumGreat joy and delight
CalendulaConsidered sacred
Calla LilyMagnificent beauty
Canterbury BellGratitude
Camellia (General)Gratitude, Perfection
Camellia (Red)Unpretending excellence, You're a flame in my heart
Camellia (White)You're adorable, Perfected loveliness
Camellia (Pink)Longing for you
Cardinal FlowerDistinction
Catchfly (Red)Youthful Love, I fall victim
CattleyaMature charms
Carnation (General)Fascination, Woman love
Carnation (Red)Alas poor heart, Admiration
Carnation (White)Sweet, Lovely, Innocence, Pure love, Adoration
Carnation (Pink)I'll never forget you
Carnation (Purple)Capriciousness
Carnation (Solid Colour)Yes
Carnation (Striped)No, Refusal, Sorry I can't be with you
Carnation (Yellow)Disappointment, Rejection
CattailPeace, Prosperity
CedarI live but for thee, Think of me
CelandineFuture joy
ChamomileEnergy in action
Cherry Blossom (Single)Education
ChickweedI cling to thee
Christmas RoseRelieve my anxiety
Chrysanthemum (General)You're a wonderful friend, Rest, Cheerfulness
Chrysanthemum (Red)I love you
Chrysanthemum (White)Truth
Chrysanthemum (Yellow)Slighted love
CinquefoilBeloved child
ClematisArtifice (ingenuity)
Clover (Four Leaf)Be mine
Clover (Red)Industry
Clover (White)Think of me
ColchicumMy best days fled
Columbine (Red)Anxious
Columbine (White)Folly
Columbine (Purple)Resolved to win
Compass FlowerFaith
CorchorusImpatience of happiness
CoreopsiosAlways cheerful
CornflowerDelicacy, Refinement
CoronillaSuccess to you
CowslipRusticity, Winning grace, Healing, Youth, Pensiveness
CoxcombFoppery, Unfading love
CrocusYouthful gladness, Cheerfulness
CrownImperial Majesty
CyclamenResignation, Good-bye
DaffodilRegard, Unrequited love, Respect
DahliaDignity and Elegance
DaisyLoyal Love, Gentleness, Innocence
DandelionFaithfulness, Happiness, Love's oracle
Dead leavesSadness
Deadly NightshadeFalsehood
DelphiniumFlight of fancy
DiosmaYour simple elegance charms me
Dog RosePleasure and pain
Dogwood (Flowering)Am I indifferent to you?
DracaenaInner power
Dragon RootArdour
EdelweissDaring, Courage, Noble purity
EglantinePoetry, I wound to heal
Elder FlowerZeal
Epigaea (Mayflower)Budding
EverlastingNever ceasing memory
FernFascination, Sincerity, Magic
Fern (Maidenhair)Secret bond of love, Discretion
Fern (Royal)Reverie
FlaxDomestic symbol
Fleur De LisFlame, Burning
Flora's BellWithout Pretension
Flowering AlmondHope
Flowering ReedConfide in heaven
Forget Me NotTrue love, Faithfulness, Remembrance
ForsythiaAnticipation, Innocence
FoxgloveStateliness, Youth
Foxtail GrassSporting
FreesiaInnocence, Trust, Friendship
Fuchsia (Scarlet)Confiding love, Taste
FurzeLove for all occasions
GardeniaPurity, Sweet love, You're lovely
Gentian (Fringed)Intrinsic worth, I Look to heaven, Autumn
Gentian (Closed)Sweet be thy dreams
GeraniumStupidity, Folly
Geranium (Apple)Present preference
Geranium (Ivy)Your hand for the next dance
Geranium (Lemon)Unexpected meeting
Geranium (Nutmeg)I expect a meeting
Geranium (Oak-Leaved)True friendship, Lady
Geranium (Pencilled)Ingenuity
Geranium (Rose)Preference
Geranium (Scarlet)Consolation
Geranium (Silver-Leaf)Recall
GladioliI'm really sincere, Flower of the Gladiators
GladiolusStrength of character, Generosity
Globe (Amaranth)Unfading Love
GloxiniaLove at first sight
Golden-RodBe cautious
GorseEndearing affection
HarebellHumility, Grief
Heartese pansyThink of me
Hearts EasrYou occupy my thoughts
HeatherGood luck
Heather (White)Protection, Wishes will come true
Heather (Lavender)Admiration, Solitude
HeliotropeDevotion, Faithfulness
HenbaneFor males to attract love from females
HibiscusDelicate beauty
HollyDomestic Happiness, Defence, Foresight
Hollyhock (White)Female ambition
Honey FlowerSecret Love, Sweet
Honeysuckle (Coral)I Love You
Hoya (Wax Plant)Sculpture
HuckleberryFaith, Simple pleasures
HyacinthPlayful, Loveliness
Hyacinth (White)Unobtrusive loveliness
Hyacinth (Red Or Pink)Playful
Hyacinth (Blue)Constancy
Hyacinth (Purple)Sorrow, Please forgive me
Hyacinth (Yellow)Jealousy
HydrangeaThank you for understanding, Boastfulness, Heartlessness
Indian CressResignation
IpomacaI attach myself to you
IrisFaith, Valour, Wisdom, Friendship
Iris (Yellow)Passion
Iris (German)Flame
IvyFidelity, Wedded Love, Affection, Friendship
Jasmine (White)Amiability
Jasmine (Yellow)Modesty, Grace, Elegance
Jasmine (Indian)Attachment
Jasmine (Spanish)Sensuality
Jerusalem OakYour love is reciprocated
JonquilAffection returned, Desire, Love me
KennediaIntellectual beauty
King's CupI wish I were rich
Lady's SlipperWin me
LarkspurAn open heart
Larkspur (Pink)Fickleness
LavenderLoyalty, Love, Devotion
Lemon LeavesEverlasting love
Lemon BlossomFidelity in love
Lilac (White)Youthful innocence, Purity
Lilac (Purple)First emotion of love
Lily of the ValleyReturn of happiness, Humility
Lily (Orange)Wealth
Lily (White)Sweetness, Purity
Lily (Yellow)I'm walking on air, Gaiety
Lily (Calla)Beauty
Lily (Day)Coquetry
Lily (Eucharis)Maiden charms
Lily (Tiger)Wealth, Pride
Linden TreeMatrimony
Longi LilyPure, Modest
Lotus FlowerEstranged love
Love In a MistYou puzzle me
LungwortThou art my life
MagnoliaLove of nature, Nobility
MallowSweet disposition
MarigoldGrief, Despair, Jealousy
Marigold (Common)Pretty love, Sacred, Affection, Caress, Sorrow
MarjoramJoy, Happiness
Meadow SaffronMy best days are past
MezereonDesire to please
MignonetteYour qualities surpass your charms, Health
Milk VetchYour presence softens my pain
MistletoeKiss me, Affection, Difficulties
MonkshoodBeware, A deadly foe is near
Morning GloryAffection
MossMaternal love, Charity
MotherwortSecret Love
MulleinGood nature
MyrtleLove, Home, Duty
NarcissusEgotism, Formality
NasturtiumPatriotism, Conquest, Victory in battle
Olive BranchPeace
Orange BlossomInnocence, Purity, Eternal love, Marriage
Orange MockDeceit
OrchidLove, Beauty
Orchid (Cattleya)Mature charm
Palm LeavesVictory, Success
PansyThoughtful reflection, Merriment
ParsleyUseful knowledge
Pasque FlowerUnpretentious, You have no claims
Passion FlowerFaith
Peach BlossomI am your captive
Pear BlossomAffection
PeonyHappy marriage, Prosperity, Bashfulness
PetuniaResentment, Anger, Your presence soothes me
PhloxOur souls are united
PineHope, Pity
PinkPure affection
Pink (Mountain)You are aspiring
PoinsettiaBe of good cheer
Pomegranate FlowerElegance
Poppy (General)Eternal sleep, Oblivion, Imagination
Poppy (Red)Pleasure
Poppy (White)Consolation
Poppy (Yellow)Wealth, Success
Pride Of ChinaDissension
PrimroseI can't live without you
Primrose (Red)Un patronized merit
Primrose (Evening)Inconstancy
Prince's FeatherUnfading love
Pussy WillowMotherhood
Quaking GrassAgitation
Queen Anne's LaceHaven
RanunculusRadiant, Charming
RhododendronDanger, Beware, I am dangerous
Rose (Red)Love, I love you, Desire
Rose (Single red)I Love You
Rose (White)Charm, Innocence
Rose (White and Red)Unity
Rose (Pink)Perfect happiness
Rose (Pale Pink)Grace
Rose (Dark Pink)Thankfulness
Rose (Burgundy)Unconscious beauty
Rose (Coral)Desire
Rose (Dark Crimson)Mourning
Rose (Orange)Fascination
Rose (Peach)Immortality, Modesty
Rose (White-Dried)Death is preferable to loss of virtue
Rose (Yellow)Friendship, Joy, Gladness
Rose (Bridal)Happiness
Rose (Christmas)Relieve my anxiety
Rose (Damask)Freshness, Persian ambassador of love
Rose (Dog)Pleasure, Pain
Rose (Hibiscus)Delicate, Beauty
Rose (Lavender)Enchantment
Rose (Leaf)You may hope
Rose (Musk Cluster)Charming
Rose (Tea)I'll remember always
Rose (Thornless)Love at first sight
Rose-Of-SharonConsumed by love
RosebudBeauty, Youth
Rosebud (Red)Pure, Lovely
Rosebud (White)Girlhood
Rosebud (Moss)Confessions of love
Roses (Assorted Colours)You're everything to me
Roses (Single Full Bloom)I Love You, I still love you
Roses (Bouquet Mature Blooms)Gratitude
Roses (Garland or Crown of)Beware of virtue, Reward of merit, Symbol of superior merit
Scarlet IpomoeaAttachment
Sensitive PlantTimidity
ShamrockLight heartedness
SnapdragonPresumption, Deception, Gracious lady
SnowballThoughts of heaven
Spanish  JasmineSensuality
SpearmintWarm sentiment
Spider FlowerElope with me
Star of BethlehemAtonement, Reconciliation
StarwortWelcome to a Stranger
StephanotisMarital happiness
StockAffection, Lasting beauty, You'll always be beautiful to me
Straw FlowerAgreement
Straw (Broken)Broken agreement
Sunflower (Tall)False riches, Pride
Sunflower (Dwarf)Adoration, Pride
Sweet PeaBlissful pleasure, Good-bye, Departure
Sweet-SultanFelicity, Happiness
Sweet WilliamGrant me one smile
ThornappleI dreamed of thee
Thrift (Armeria)Sympathy
Tiger LilyProsperity
Traveller's JoyRest, Safety
Trumpet FlowerSeparation
TuberoseDangerous Pleasure
TulipLove and Passion
Tulip (Red)Declaration of love
Tulip (White)I am worthy of you
Tulip (Variegated)Beautiful eyes
Tulip (Yellow)There's sunshine in your smile
Venus FlytrapCaught at last
VerbenaPray for me
VioletFaithfulness, Modesty
Violet (Blue)Watchfulness, Faithfulness, I'll always be true
Violet (White)Let's take a chance
ViscariaWill you dance with me?
WallflowerFidelity in adversity
Water LilyPurity of heart
Wax FlowerRiches
WindflowerSincerity, Symbol of love
Witch HazelA spell
WolfbaneMisanthropy, Chivalry, Knight
WoodbineFraternal love
WormwoodAbsence, Do not be discouraged
Zephyr FlowerSincerity, Symbol of love
ZinniaThoughts of an absent friend
Zinnia (Yellow)Daily remembrance
Zinnia (Magenta)Lasting affection
Zinnia (Mixed)Thinking / In memory of an absent friend
Zinnia (Scarlet)Constancy
Zinnia (White)Goodness
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