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Corsages (Body Flowers)
Corsages are both fashionable and decorative and frequently worn on festive occasions, weddings and events.
Amongst other usages corsages can be worn on the collar, in the hair or on wrists.

However you intend to use body flowers there are a few rules that should be noted to maximise the life of the flower and get the most out of wearing them.
  • Corsages should not be exposed to sudden changes in temperature. Keep them in a box when travelling especially in cold temperatures.

  • Too much handling can damage flowers causing bruising to the stems and blooms.

  • When storing corsages place moist cotton over the corsage, keep them in a sealed selophane bag or refrigerator container and place in the refrigerator.

  • If no refrigerator is available it is important to keep the corsages out of the air and in a cool place. Sprinkle with water* or place moist cotten over the corsage before storing.

  • Orchids should be kept out of the refrigerator and the stem placed in water in a cool place where the temperature is constant.
* Water spots some flowers and can cause hardening of petals. It is best to seek advice from the florist supplying the corsages for the best way to care for them.
Moist cotton should be used wherever possible instead of sprinkling the flowers with water.
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